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Tips to Cover Freckles with Makeup

Exposure of your skin to sunlight can cause freckles. They can be hereditary or due to hormonal imbalance. They can attack any section of the body, but more importantly, areas exposed to the UV rays such as the face. If you suffer from freckles and you want to cover them, there are great makeup ways that you can employ to look fantastic.

# Fake Freckles with makeup

Some people hate freckles but what they don’t know others are dying to have them and go as far as faking the freckles to look beautiful. It sounds ridiculous and Halloween like but that’s the way it is! You can draw fake freckles with makeup, and it comes out just fine until you cannot tell a fake from real freckles. Sun-damaged freckles don’t look nice, but you can achieve fake beautiful freckles free from the UV rays if you love freckles.

  1. Creating a base on your face ready to apply the concealer. Select a concealer of shade or two lighter than your skin tone. You need a more natural looking freckle by creating a shape that will make your freckles look prettier using eyeliner.
  2. Define where the freckles will sit using a sharp pointed eyeliner pencil to make the marks. Add bold marks sparingly make a couple of dots with a carefully chosen brown eyeliner pencil to create beautiful natural freckles on your cheeks.
  3. Spread over the eyeliner to the cheeks and nose or any other part of the face you choose to have the freckles.
  4. You can apply a liquid liner and tap with your finger to let it dry.

Here are some useful makeup tips to cover your freckles.

# Concealer

Cover your face a bit with a concealer. Make sure it is not blotchy. Use your ring finger or a clean sponge to dab it over your face. Concealer makes you freckles even before you proceed with the rest of the processes.

# Foundation shade

Look for the right shade that matches your skin tone. Sponge your face to blend.

# Apply powder

It is the best way to cover up the freckles after foundation. Choose a powder that matches your skin tone or a translucent one. Powder conceals and locks the makeup giving your face a lovely glow.

# Get a tanned look

Use bronzer to obtain a tanned look or light contouring then you can blush to give your cheeks a natural flush effect. Bronzers will make your freckles invisible so no one can tell you even have them in the first place. For blush choose a color that matches your skin tone.

# Lip plumping

Plump your lips to grab attention away from the freckles. When you plump your lips by glossing them and applying bright colors, it takes all the attention away from the freckles on your face. If doesn’t love your freckles use these tips to cover them. There are also cosmetic procedures that you can apply to kiss them completely goodbye. However, seek medical advice from your dermatologist to get the correct treatment and solution.