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About Eyelash Extensions

Looking like you are blessed with natural beauty is the up and coming trend. Full-time moms are finding that there just isn’t enough time in the day to actually get ready or even get a moment alone. Every time there is an attempt to focus on their image, chances are a little one needs her help with one thing or another. With mascara being the one thing that is proven to take the longest when doing makeup, finding another alternative has been extremely beneficial when it comes to having time in motherhood along with other women in the world. Surprisingly, eyelashes extensions in Orem have been around for quite some time.

# History

Eyelash extensions were first introduced in the 1900s in the film industry. The director wanted a specific role to have the most magnificent eyes. A local wig maker created this by weaving human hair through fine gauze for the first set of extensions. As time went on, the eyelashes were designed to be artificial instead of using human hair. This made them to become more popular after they were truly mastered. The standard glue on false lashes still continually grew in popularity, but people began to see the benefit of not needing to glue on lashes daily.

# Performances

Having false eyelashes were more common with different type of performances. If a performer were on a stage far away from the audience, then the lashes would open up their eyes and allow the audience to see the facial expressions more clearly. It magnified the performance and made it that much more memorable because the performers seemed to come to life. Any type of actor or performer is recommended to wear “stage makeup” because it can easily get washed out during their stage time. In the early 1900s, false lashes were only used in the performance industry. Wearing them on a daily basis was considered to be irrational and not necessary.

# Today

In today’s era, times have definitely changed. With false lashes becoming a more popular trend, there are things that need to be considered before taking the plunge and regretting an expensive decision. Eyelash extensions are used with a special glue to create a strong bond on each individual lash. The glue is safe for the eyes; however, some have had allergic reactions depending on the situation. This treatment will last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the care that is given in that time period. The most common mistake is waiting too long to get a fill. Some women will think that they can wait until 4 or 5 weeks because they would rather save money. What ends up happening is that they start to get irritated by the lashes as they grow out and start to pick them off, while also picking off their own eyelashes as well.

# Risks

Just like any other type of product, treatment, or procedure, it is important to be aware of the risks that may arise. Eyelash extensions may not be an absolute permanent fix for beautiful eyes. Over a long period of time, it is highly possible that the natural lashes will become damaged and may not continue to grow, leaving no real eyelashes where the extensions can be attached. It is also important not to go overboard when choosing the length and thickness of the lash to be applied. Choosing an excessive weight will cause the natural lashes to weigh down and possibly create a premature lash issue. While any of these issues can cause permanent damage, the most important thing can be choosing a technician that will do an incredible job and leave you happy without causing any damage.